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Claire | Felt Shoulder Strap

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Hi, I'm Claire | Felt Shoulder Strap

I'm a cute little box!
I have one long strap so you can wear me across your body or one shoulder and a tiny handle so you can easily carry me in your hand. Inside, you can find plenty of space for a small bag and one slide-in pocket to put your phone or keys to keep all you essentials under control. Outside, at the back is one more pocket made of PVC which allows you put anything you want to keep underneath your fingertips. The foil is so amazing that it’ll enable you to use your touch screen phone still being inside, so rain or a moment of laziness won’t stop you from using it! With all the practical features I should mention as well about beautiful bow by the strap... Isn't it just too cute?! Come on! Just admit it, I'm the cutest!
Fabric felt strap can be also exchanged for a chain (gold or silver) to make me look more official.


H 16cm x W 21cm x D 10cm 

Adjustable strap up to 160cm