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Large Backpack

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Hi, Im finally here!

I'm a Large Backpack.
I have enough space for your laptop (up to 19-20inch depending on make) securely located at your back and protected with elastic band to keep it in one place. 

At the front I have slide-in pocket from the inside and big size pocket finished off with a colourful zip from the outside. 
The top of me if closed up with plastic chunky zip - both zips, the top one and the pocket one can be in the colour of your choice of the one that we have in offer.

Small handles at the top of the backpack are ideal to use them while in public transport or when you just want to change your style in a moment.
Longer straps are fully made of felt which is soft and can extend to up to 100cm.

Im extremely light as I weight only 420g, well until you put all your precious items inside.



H x 45cm, L x 32cm, W x 18cm

Short straps - go for 7cm above the top of the backpack

Long straps - extend up to 100cm