Match You Bag With A Face Mask!

YAY! Now you can match your favourite bags with our new face masks!

As we go into a new way of interacting in the world for some time to come - practicing both mindfulness & newfound soft & safe socializing skills - face masks will become a part of the daily routine. We have proceeded with the design and development of our face masks like we do everything else - so we are happy to put our name on it. 
All masks have been handmade in London from  London themed cotton fabrics. 
Our masks were designed to match the decorative trims and linings which you can customise in bags such as Claire and Chelsea.

Match them together and stay that tad bit safer and dash more in style!  

Enjoy our new offers!

Claire bag | felt shoulder bag | Lux Felt London, UK

Buy Claire or Chelsea bag and get 50% off
of face mask!

Simply add both items into your cart and before paying insert promo code:


Chelsea bag | Felt handbag | Lux Felt London, UK

Spend over £100 and get face mask for FREE!

Shop freely for over £100. Add your mask into the cart. Promo offer will be added automatically and price will be reduced.